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The mission of Overland Apologetics is to provide people with opportunities to unplug and explore God’s Creation while learning to critically evaluate their Faith and Trust in Jesus Christ.


A question I receive regularly regards the definition of Apologetics. Before answering that question, let’s address some bigger questions. At some point in life, everyone will wrestle with at least four very fundamental questions.

Four Fundamental Questions

  1. Where did everything (including me) come from?
  2. Does life have objective meaning, value or purpose?
  3. Is there such a thing as objective Right And Wrong?
  4. What is the outcome of everything?

Every person asks these questions. Why?

Because there has to be more to life than the contemporary narratives pushed on humanity.   In the heart of every human being there is a desire to understand their value and purpose. 

The answers to these questions form how you look at reality or how you view the world. Your corresponding world view might be atheism, agnosticism, theism, pantheism or polytheism. Every one is entitled to their beliefs but can they all be right?  Logic says no.
About Us - Overland Apologetics Pastor

So, Why Is Apologetics Important?

Christianity is a particular type of theism (belief in one God of all) providing, what we believe to be, the best explanation for reality.  Theology is the formal study of a Theistic God.  Apologetics is a sub-category of theism that provides rational warrant (not crazy for placing my trust) for the truth claims found in Christianity. 
Apologetics comes from the Greek word Apologia which means to make a defense.
“…but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, but with gentleness and respect” (1 Pet 3:15).

The Logical Approach

Consider the following equation: 6 + 32 x 4 + (6 / 3).

How would you solve it?   Does GEMS or PEMDAS ring a bell?

Order of operations

Just as there is an order of operations for solving math equations, there is a strategy involved in addressing questions about the meaning of life. If you fail to follow the order of operations you may end up with the wrong answer.  I’ve found the best approach to apologetic study is to use a systematic path.

  1. Objective truth exists and can be known.
  2. God Exists
  3. Miracles are possible
  4. The New Testament is historically accurate
  5. Jesus rose from the dead proving He was God

Overland Apologetics is simply following in the path laid out by the apostles who used apologetics to strengthen their faith, encourage one another, introduce others to God and influence culture to recognize the truth.  We are Christian because Christianity is true and there are solid reasons and solid evidence to believe it’s true.

Simply put – Christianity is the best explanation for reality.


We travel off the grid and study how to defend our faith in Christ.  God placed the desire for adventure and awe in our hearts.  

Our Staff

About Us - Pastor Joseph Headhot

Joseph RObinson

Husband, pastor and father of five, Joseph is a passionate apologist on the East Coast of Central Florida. He currently serves as a Chapter Director for Space Coast Stand to Reason (STR Outpost) and the Space Coast Chapter of Reasonable Faith Ministries.  

Joseph is the founder and president of Overland Apologetics, Inc. a brand-new ministry that combines vehicle camping “off the grid” with compelling sessions teaching tactical ways to understand and defend the Christian World View.