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Overland Apologetics provides apologetics training and support to believers who desire to develop a deeper intellectual strength for their faith.

The Structure

Our teaching process is a systematic study of apologetics, and of foundational theological concepts. Our students will develop a thorough understanding of Christian Apologetics while maintaining focus on God’s word.

Topics of study

  1. Apologetics – Its Definition and Purpose
  2. Basic Theology – The Biblical World View
  3. Truth, Knowledge & Faith
  4. Loving God with Your Mind
  5. The Existence of God
    • Cosmological Arguments
    • Moral Argument
    • The Fine-Tuning of the Universe
    • DNA and Specified Information
  6. The Historical Accuracy of the New Testament
    • Confidence in the Biblical Record
    • The Resurrection
  7. The Sanctity of Life and Our Sacred Design

You can read more about Apologetics and how our ministry approaches this study on our About Us page.


When considering taking a deeper dive in the defense of the faith it’s important to keep in mind that apologetics is a branch of theology. Specifically, it’s the branch that provides rational warrant for the truth claims of Christianity. In other words, I’m not crazy for placing my trust in the ideas and historical events the Bible says are real.

Reading Resources

In a small group setting, I typically utilize a 5-step path with one of the following suggested texts:

  1. Basic Theology
    • Story of Reality (Book and Study Guide)
    • Forensic Faith
  2. Apologetics Overview
    • On Guard (Book and Study Guide)
    • I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Athiest
    • Reasonable Faith (Book and Study Guide)
  3. Natural Theology
    • God’s Crime Scene
    • God’s Crime Scene – For Kids
  4. Christian Evidence
    • Cold Case Christianity
    • Cold Case Christianity – For Kids
    • Person of Interest
  5. Cultural
    • Mama Bear Apologetics
    • Fallacy Detective
    • Tactics (Book and Study Guide)
    • Is God a Moral Monster
    • Another Gospel
    • Faithfully Different
    • Live Your Truth and Other Lies



If you’d like to preview Pastor Joseph’s sermons and teachings on apologetics, you’ll find our video library very helpful!

Our Staff

About Us - Pastor Joseph Headhot

Joseph RObinson

Husband, pastor and father of five, Joseph is a passionate apologist on the East Coast of Central Florida. He currently serves as a Chapter Director for Space Coast Stand to Reason (STR Outpost) and the Space Coast Chapter of Reasonable Faith Ministries.  

Joseph is the founder and president of Overland Apologetics, Inc. a brand-new ministry that combines vehicle camping “off the grid” with compelling sessions teaching tactical ways to understand and defend the Christian World View.